Enclosures For Mastering Loudspeakers

US Enclosure offers cabinets for Mastering Loudspeaker Systems


For enterprise mass manufacturing using our 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility
For individuals- using our boutique work facility

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World Trade Center 2017 Custom Cabinet Project at 30 Park Place / Four Seasons Hotel

You tell us what you desire regarding:

The wall materials
One of our many proprietary rubbery water-based elastomer materials can approach 240 pound per cubic foot.  MDF averages 65 pounds per cubic footThis material consists of both stiff-dense and rubbery-dense elements.  Ideally, your cabinets would use layers of our materials, with the base material for each layer designed to absorb a specific soundwave wavelength bracket and the base material's sound absorbing additives imbedded in the base material comprised of various additional sound and vibration-absorbing materials.  Each layer uses a different base material aimed at absorbing a specific frequency bracket, but salted with materials absorbing the other sound and vibration frequency brackets.

The cabinet shape

We produce your shape to to your specifications.If your desire is for flat wall cabinets using our materials specifically engineered for loudspeaker cabinet walls, we happily will produce them for you.  .As noted above the units are Handmade for individuals, or, Manufactured for OEMS.

You supply the drivers and electronics.  We supply the cabinets.

US Enclosure can produce a tremendous variety of nondiffracting cabinet shapes, if you desire.

Our only goal is to improve your Mastering Loudspeaker performance via specifically engineered cabinet wall materials and if requested, true diffraction elimination via cabinet shaping.

Our Vibration Control concept:

Multi-modulus wall layers with each layer targeting a section of the sound and vibration spectrum.  

Unlike metals or cements, our cabinet walls do not rely strictly on density.  We produce a variety of materials designed to be layered.  Each layer is comprised of multiple sound and vibration absorbing elements targeting specific sound bandwidths.  Various materials used are both rubbery and stiff, and some wall materials exceed-- 200 pounds per cubic foot or more when required.

We layer the various materials comprised of multiple modulus's  (stiffness/rubbery) to achieve the ultimate sound and vibration absorption for your units.
Recommendation:   One of highest density wall layers should be toward the exterior cabinet wall to decouple the cabinet from the atmosphere, although this concept certainly is not mandatory.

Our material engineering viewpoint is that enclosure wall materials are elements which can be tuned and we engineer both individual and mass manufactured loudspeaker cabinets as a precision instrument.


Non Diffracting Shapes

Non Diffracting Sculpture Shaped Cabinets

See our Design Page for 500+ concepts

Custom Stand Designs are available for non floor standing cabinets

Structural Class Concrete Steel Reinforced Cabinets Available

Available:  Loudspeaker Cabinet Walls featuring water clear transparent or tinted clear walls which equal or exceed the density of MDF or Baltic Birch Plywood