To date, US Enclosure Company has designed, built, sold, and shipped 348 unique Projects using spherical or other curved loudspeaker enclosure designs with our manufacturing technology with sizes ranging from:   

4" diameter ( .02 cubic foot )
36" diameter ( 12.9 cubic feet )
capability to manufacture to
240" diameter *20 foot* ( 4190 cubic feet )
  In case you are just tuning-in...
Read the July 2015 Voice Coil Magazine article.

 US Enclosure spent the 1990's manufacturing Curved (Sphere, Egg-shaped, and other Curved Shape)

 100 pound per cubic foot loudspeaker cabinet walls.  Walls 40% denser than either MDF or Baltic Birch Plywood.                                                                
Major Achievements:
•    Boeing avionics radar dome design.
•    Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, 80 custom-designed spherical loudspeaker enclosures for large venue in Reno, Nevada.
•    Cirque du Soleil, design for PA application.
•    Columbia University / Princeton University, innovative multi-driver 360 degree field design in a 14-inch spherical 720 watt monitor/PA-- called " Acoustahedrons " 
•    Ericsson (of Sweden) loudspeaker enclosure for anechoic sound chamber calibration.
•    US Government contracted US Enclosure for products for Military efforts against Terrorist Attacks.
•    Designer and Manufacturer of the Largest spherical loudspeaker enclosures. We manufactured 36" diameter carbon-fiber braced spherical loudspeaker enclosures-- 
       our  competitors largest is just 12" and made of aluminum... ( our largest product is 24 times the volume, 3 times larger in diameter ); and a capability to go to
       96" diameter for Sound Reinforcement applications.
•    Largest egg-shaped loudspeaker enclosures ever sold. These enclosures are the only ones of this shape that are engineered with no internal diffraction as a specific
      element for better sound quality.  Other companies have used the shape for tweeters and only applied the exterior shape for sound quality improvements.
•    Only Wing-Shaped Parabolic loudspeaker enclosures ever built, which are ALSO the only floor standing (Curved) parabolic shaped loudspeakers ever built ( 30" tall ).
•    Levitated Composite Core loudspeaker stuffing system devised by US Enclosure Company.
•    Super-Stuffing 10 times as sound absorbent as any loudspeaker stuffing material currently on the market.
•    Spherical D'Appolito configuration (MTM) utilizing ribbon tweeters.
•    ONLY COMPANY that engineered & developed to market a FULL-LINE of Curved Cabinet Loudspeaker Enclosures; Subwoofers to 25hz -3 db; Complete THX Compliant
      Home-Theater systems; A Full/Wide Range line of speakers; all using our enclosure materials and designs. Example, we began manufacturing bi-polar (di-pole) Rear-
spherical speakers in 1997 to accommodate the unique demands of THX home theater.      


US Enclosure Company has more curved loudspeaker enclosure design, engineering and manufacturing EXPERIENCE
 than any other company.

Partial List of Corporate Customers:
Aureal Semiconductor Babb Loudspeaker Boeing Checkpoint Systems Circus Circus Hotel and Casino Cirque du Soleil
Claremont Colleges Columbia University Delta State University Dolby Laboratories Ericsson Cell Phone Manufacturing Firewire
Fisher Scientific International Instrumental Media Lightware Michigan State University NASA  ( United Space Alliance ) Prairie Logic
Princeton University Ramtel Communications Saitama Medical School ( Japan ) San Diego State University Sound Alignment Systems Sound Advance

 University of California Davis University of Massachusetts

Overseas:  Australia, Canada, UK, France, Mexico, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Sweden


Product Uniqueness

Our OEM Loudspeaker Enclosures are completely unique to the market due to our combination of unique wall materials which can be made into any shape.

US Enclosure  products have been carefully refined over a 19-year period and are composite loudspeaker enclosures (cabinets) constructed of a variety of proprietary materials designed to bring out the ultimate performance a loudspeaker system is capable of delivering.

Markets served are primarily Audio although industrial, also, aerospace applications are feasible. 


Purpose Statement

US Enclosure Company is Fully Committed to building the strongest and best quality enclosure wall materials and stuffing materials using aerospace materials and cutting-edge technology as a part of achieving our goals.  US Enclosure Company is dedicated to continuing improvements in loudspeaker enclosure design and materials.


Mission Statement

US Enclosure Company is dedicated to Designing, Engineering and Manufacturing for Loudspeaker OEM's the BEST quality loudspeaker enclosures available.  We have and will continue to Set The Standard for Loudspeaker Enclosure Construction. 

Loudspeaker Enclosures have a major impact on loudspeaker sound quality output, something that has been virtually ignored in favor of more pressing electronic issues by most Loudspeaker Manufacturers in the past. Acoustic research beginning in the 1930’s to Today supports our claims.

US Enclosure manufactures and distributes to OEM's from prototype to mass-manufactured loudspeaker enclosures including curvable enclosure walls currently to three times the sound absorption of MDF and Twice the Density of MDF
.  We also utilize additional wall materials in production when required such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber for the client's Loudspeaker Enclosure application. 



Definition: "Curved-wall loudspeaker enclosure shapes" include:

(1)     Curved Edge Box shapes
(2)     Spherical shaped cabinets
(3)     Egg-shaped cabinets, vertical or horizontally oriented
(4)     Wing-shaped Floor-Standing loudspeaker enclosures
(5)    Cabinets shaped like Vases, Art Objects, etc

all of which have similar sonic benefits of the classic spherical shaped loudspeaker enclosure shape.
One of our strong points is our utilization of acoustic principals in loudspeaker enclosure materials and design principals.  Our best known design products are loudspeaker enclosures with a shape which reduces acoustic diffraction effects compared to all common box shaped loudspeaker enclosures  We have taken this design/shape concept to a new level of manufacturability... walls equal to or better acoustically than any wood based enclosure.    

We have the unique combination of customer experience and service, curved cabinet manufacturing and design expertise,  and curved-cabinet manufacturing experience Our acoustically improved and visually appealing cabinets fit in any environment... home, professional media production facility, or concert hall.  
OEM Loudspeaker Manufacturers cabinets can be refreshed as a design improvement for existing lines or for a completely new product line.  The designs are then eye-pleasing and consumer acceptable.  They also reduce cone bleed-through and exterior diffraction which improves your products sound.
Finally, we specialize in loudspeaker cabinets, yet, our technology lends itself to a wide variety of other applications involving wave energy-- from optical integrator spheres to industrial containment vessels.


Company History

  1992:  Multimodulus Cabinet material developed  1994:  US Enclosure Company organized 
  1995:  Website launched 1997:  Loudspeaker line developed
  2000:  Our products subject of paper presented in Berlin, Germany by
professors from Columbia and Princeton Universities
2005:  Constrained Boundary Layer Multimodulus ( CBM ) developed
  2010:  D. S. Ragsdale is asked to become full partner and accepts 2011:  Harmonic Dampening Material developed

This year US Enclosure Company Begins when Kris Metaverso reviews articles written by Dr. Henry Olsen on non-diffracting loudspeaker shapes at a College Engineering Library. Intrigued, Metaverso builds a number of spherical loudspeaker cabinets.

Metaverso tests confirm that all spherical-shaped loudspeaker enclosures have unique resonance's inside the curved walls. Engineering-work begins for special dampening of spherical sound waves which lead him away from standard loudspeaker
stuffing to a focus on (A) finding the truly-proper Enclosure Wall Materials specifically designed to absorb the energy inside
a loudspeaker enclosure for (B) any loudspeaker cabinet shape to be (C) mass-manufactured.

Multi-Modulus is the loudspeaker enclosure wall material developed from this research and, in August 1992, fully perfected
for loudspeaker cabinet mass production.

First multi-modulus test-enclosures produced for acoustic test purposes

Ultimate Speaker Enclosure Company originates, shortened in 1995 to US Enclosure Company.

Metaverso incorporates Levitated Composite Core technology inside spherical loudspeaker enclosures to defeat the standing
waves inside curved loudspeaker enclosures.

Brian O'Neill begins to use the Pre-WWW Internet to market a product he manufactured and marketed since 1989.
Previous to the Internet marketing experience, O’Neill originally used 10 nationally distributed specialty periodicals to market
his product called a "Sock Monkey" doll for babies. The motion picture Cabin Boy featured his product in one scene.
O'Neill's “Sock Monkey” was also featured on ABC-TV's Home Show in 1992.  Company Name:  The Marketing Tide.

Metaverso tests multi-modulus loudspeaker enclosures for mass-manufactured designs.  The first multi-modulus loudspeaker
enclosure with a multi-driver configuration produced with each driver having it's own curved enclosure within the main curved
enclosure body.  This cabinet also used Levitated Composite Core stuffing technology and techniques.


     Metaverso and O’Neill meet. O’Neill applies his experience with advertising, marketing & sales to Metaverso's loudspeaker
     cabinet innovations and US Enclosure Company organizes. 

    First multi-driver multi-modulus spherical curved enclosure designed, manufactured and sold to third-parties.

     US Enclosure Website launched.  Original site completely Hand Coded by Kris Metaverso without web editing software
     and was located at   US Enclosure has a 20 Year permanent web and internet presence.
     36" pair of Spherical Loudspeaker enclosures for JBL 18" woofers designed by Metaverso, then manufactured and shipped
     to a client in Michigan.  The Largest curved loudspeaker enclosures ever commercially produced.

    Egg-Shaped Loudspeaker Enclosures perfected and placed into the marketing/manufacturing-mix.
US Enclosure MARK SERIES egg, sphere, and wing shaped loudspeaker designs prototyped and tested .

    US Enclosure MARK SERIES is publicly unveiled and offered to the consumer with 12 different loudspeaker models from:

* Two Center-Channel models including a Dual-sphere Center Channel.
* Two Subwoofer models including a 25Hz f3 Subwoofer actively correctable to 20Hz f3.
* Three Rear-Channel models and a side-channel model ... 4-way  gimbal-adjustable Dipole w/rear-firing ribbons.     
*  Four completely different Front Main Speakers in 2 and 3 driver configurations including ported and sealed spherical,
     egg-shaped and wing-shaped units.  Floor standing, Bookshelf, and a unique ceiling hanging 2 and 3 way Front Mains
     using spherical or egg-shaped cabinets.      All UNITS ARE THX-Compliant.



    Floor Standing Curved Wing-Shaped Loudspeaker Enclosures developed housing a 3-way loudspeaker system.
    Sound quality is lab-tested and compares much better compared to the original box-enclosed loudspeakers from
    which the drivers were derived. These are the Worlds first Floor-Standing multi-driver spherical enclosure loudspeakers
    and are designed to compete with standard floor standing loudspeakers.

World's first spherical enclosures with egg-shaped interiors.

    80 unit production order for Circus Circus Casino delivered.


    US Enclosure moves to a 1400 sq. ft. facility at 1495 W 9th Street #306, Upland, CA.

US Enclosure designs, engineers, manufacturers and delivers 30" spherical loudspeaker enclosures
    with three vari-vent ports driven by Phoenix Gold vane-based subwoofer Drivers per the ContraBass concept.

     US Enclosure subject of paper presented in Berlin, Germany at the 2000 International Computer Music Conference.


    US Enclosure has by this date completed over 300 CUSTOM Curved multi-modulus based loudspeaker enclosure projects
    for companies. 

    US Enclosure refutes further Non-OEM work.
  Full-scale Test Manufacturing for OEM clients occurring.


    Constrained Boundary Layer Multimodulus CBM Loudspeaker Cabinets available for mass manufacturing.


    US Enclosure achieves 343 custom enclosure design projects with concurrent manufacturing.

    US Enclosure creates it's Design Studio after realizing US has unique experience developing groundbreaking
    loudspeaker cabinet designs and manufacturing them for our clients.

    D. S.Ragsdale is asked to become and accepts full 3rd partner, allowing US Enclosure to absolutely become
    the world leader in curved loudspeaker cabinet manufacturing for OEM's.   Ragsdale has 15 years’ experience in
    operations management using our manufacturing method.  Ironically, Devin's father Michael has 40 years’
    experience working with companies including engineering for JBL.


    Harmonic Dampening Wall Material Developed.

    Comprehensive curved shape cabinet library completed for OEM Paid Client Reference.  Every curved shape usable
    for loudspeaker cabinets is in this library with loudspeaker applications detailed with drawings.  From sphere, egg, and
    hyperbolic ellipsoid parabolic, to Witch of Agnesi and Alexander Horned Sphere and in the middle Focaloid, Klein Bottle,
    Oloid, Hippopede (capsule shape), we have over 100 quality shapes in this library and all non-loudspeaker cabinet
    utilized shapes are now legally protected as loudspeaker cabinet shapes by publication. 
Our clients have protected
    shapes at their disposal.  We can mass manufacture all shapes in our library. 


    Turntable Plinth, Chassis and Housing Manufacturing using our MultiModulus at 130 pound per cubic foot or higher. 


    These Are Loudspeakers Design Concept.


    Chord and Cradle ADJUSTABLE HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL CABINET DIRECTION Concert Enclosures and Rigging  Systems
               Produced Final full scale design prototype for new World Trade Center NYC 82nd floor Music Conservatory 2016

  2017: World Trade Center Custom Cabinet Project at 30 Park Place / Four Seasons